The Peeing Carabao: Davao Gap Farm Resort

"It's the first thought that popped in my mind to name this blog entry about my visit at Gap Farm."
mjcravesescape gap farming resort davao
Yes, I was pretty amazed when this Carabao statue peed. LoL :D
It took me 25 years to have my first visit at one of Davao's attraction, the Gap Farming Resort. Yes, indeed. Like many other kids, especially my friends who grew up also in Davao, they were a bit shocked that I was never been to Gap when I was a kid...and I don't know why. And by the way, only my two younger siblings been here when they had their field trips when they were still preschoolers (ewan ko nga bakit wala akong experience na field trip before. Ask my school -_-).

The moment I entered the place, I was overwhelmed with excitement. It's like I've unleashed the kid inside me. And thanks to Anne ofcourse, whom by the way accompanied me in this "field trip". :)

Gap Farming Resort is indeed perfect for children who were on educational tour. It is located at Maa Diversion Road, Davao City. If you are on the city proper, I suggest you take a cab to take you to the place.

The place is surrounded with vast greeneries and visitors having good time here will definitely feel they were in a farm because you can see ducks, chickens (I think I saw some) and other domesticated animals. The ambiance of the place is very relaxing and as you go around, you can find perfect spot to have a picnic and shaded under tall trees.

What catches my interest were the life-sized statues of farm animals, indigent people, folklore creatures and busts of Philippine Presidents and national heroes.

The Parade of Animals
"Tagpuan sa ilalim ng puno ng kawayan..." - Nice signage lol
Gap also has the Japanese tunnel wherein we can see sculptures of the famous one-eyed Kapre, python and a Japanese soldier statue. The tunnel creeps me out the moment I saw the statue of the cyclops and there was this fellow visitor who come along with us.

Filipino Folklore Creatures
Also, the place has an Olympic size pool. So, if you want to take a rest from the buzz of the city, then Gap is good place to unwind to.


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