Grease-less Fried Chicken at Ombu Chicken House

Ombu Chicken House: Davao's Finest Crispy Grease-less Chicken

Chicken House Restaurant Davao
As I have mentioned in the previous blog about The Peak at Gaisano Mall of Davao, it really does offer good places to dine in. And with that, me and my friends have tried another good place and it's at Ombu Chicken House.

One fact about this restaurant is that it has been serving the Davaoeños for so long- in the 90's up to the present. The restaurant was first established in the driveway of Sequoia Inn, Monteverde Avenue, Bangoy Street. Today, it has opened another at The Peak Gaisano Mall of Davao and continuously serving best cuisines in the heart of the metro.

mjcravesescape OMBU CHICKEN HOUSE

The ambiance of the resto is very much cozy and their crew are accommodating. We ordered their very own specialty; the famous grease-less fried chicken. In addition, we also ordered the stuffed squid and the crunchy lechon kawali. For our desserts, we had Oreo ice cream and Über delicioso Halo-halo.

Ombu Chicken House

Already salivating? Come and visit Ombu at The Peak Gaisano Mall of Davao. 


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