The First Bēhance Philippines Davao-Mindanao Event

Get-Together of Creative Talents from Davao, Manila and Mindanao

Behance an online portfolio platform for creative and talented professionals have paved way for Filipino talents to showcase what they've got. Behance Philippines-Davao have conducted the first artists gathering (illustrators, photographers, graphic designers, etc.) for 3 consecutive days last May 14 to May 16 on different venues.

On the first day (May 14, 2013) artists from Manila namely Rai Cruz and Anjo Bolarda have come to Davao to encourage and welcome aspiring artists and creative individuals on the Portfolio Reviews and talks.

As someone having a creative talent (oh well, I'm not bragging here it's just that I know how to sketch but just too shy to display my works), my jaws dropped and was amazed for the beautiful artworks made by Davao and Mindanao artists. I was there because my friend James invited me to come and thanks to him...seeing the portfolios of the artists inspired me more and I was challenged. :)

Sorry for the low quality of the pictures. :) Artworks by Kevin Becira and Tsad
On the second day (May 15, 2013), it was a psychedelic night, full of fun, food and music as people gathered at Backyard Burgers to do exhibits of their portfolios. Artists printed their masterpieces and pinned up as displays. Guests gathered around and took shots of the crafts and even more good where these artists meet probable clients that wanted to work with them.

On the third day, with Rai Cruz and Anjo Bolarda, Mindanao artists gathered at Matina Towns Square to paint the their very creative and unique artistry.

Photos courtesy from Behance Philippines' Fan Page

The event was indeed a blast, thanks to Miss Angely Chi and the people behind in organizing such eye opening and paving ways for artists (like me hehehe) to be proud of our God given talents and showcase our creativity and share it to everyone.


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