4th Mindanao Toy Convention at Gaisano Mall Davao

Big Toys for both Kids and Kids at Heart!

4th Mindanao Toy Convention

Last May 6 to 12, 2013, the 4th Mindanao Toy Convention was held at Gaisano Mall Atrium, Davao City. As expected from day 1 until its last day, it was flocked not just by kids but also people from all ages.

As me and my friend strolled around the atrium, there we see lots of toy collections from the legendary Star Wars collectibles (which is I'm a big fan of :) ) Gundam, Iron Man, Avengers...you name the super heroes or characters, the toy collectors and enthusiasts HAVE IT. And oooh, I was really amazed with all the replicas of my favorite characters and even cartoons I have watched back when I was a child.

And unexpectedly also, I bumped into a friend who also had his Lego collections displayed.

The toy convention held cosplay fashion show wherein cosplayers will dressed in flamboyant garments of the characters they portrayed.

Davao City Mindanao Toy Convention
After feasting my eyes on the wonderful toys and collections, I just mumbled to myself that if only I took care of my toys before, I would have been proud to display it. But oh well...those were the days..hehe Anyway, maybe it's not yet too late for me to collect some, right? :)


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