Itadakimasu! Daidokoro Japanese Diner

Shiawase taberu!
I am just happy that there are a lot of good cafe's and resto just around our neighborhood here in Doña Vicenta. And among these is the newest Japanese resto named Daidokoro Diner.

Daidokoro Diner is just 3 blocks away from our house so it's just a walking distance for me and it'll only take less than 10 minutes to get there (walking is a great exercise hahaha). Oh well, it's exact address is at Road 7 corner E. Jacinto extension, Doña Vicenta Village, Davao City.

One good thing about this Japanese restaurant is that they offer the best affordable meal deal at 279 pesos!- Yes, it's an EAT ALL YOU CAN treat as well as "pay day" deal. Great promo, right? :) Aside from serving authentic Japanese bento and delicacies like shabu-shabu and the popular sushi, they also serve Filipino cuisine. By the way, these discounted promo is available at lunch and dinner every Wednesday.

ITADAKIMASU!!!! With friends at Daidokoro, Thanks for the treat! (tears of joy! :') ) P.S Sorry for the low quality of the pictures, don't worry I'll buy a camera thanks to Anne where to find one lol :P
For "feeling Japanese" and anime lovers like moi, Daidokoro is the place to be. And if you've been to a lot of Japanese restaurant and you want to try and experience something new, then visit the place. It has a very cozy ambiance with matching candle light. That night, we were accommodated by the owner Miss Tessa de Dios and guess what? I love the feeling when the crew greeted us in Japanese! When the food was served, oh geez, it's like we transformed ourselves and mumbled Japanese words while digging in (heck, I really don't know if I uttered the right words or I've been babbling word salad: incoherent and unintelligible mixture of words).

Image source: (c) Daidokoro Diner ---> FACEBOOK PAGE
Try and experience sumptuous Japanese feast at affordable cost here at Daidokoro Diner! Itadakimasu! Irrashaimase! 


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