My Bucket List

"One Life...Live it to the FULLEST!"

My list of weird but fun bucket list. :)

  1. Get drunk and wasted all night long (Extreme hangover and forget everything happened).  (can't remember the date :P )
  2. Passed the NLE and earn my license.
  3. Worked in an office or be in the corporate world.
  4. Own large breed of dogs
  5. Buy my mom and dad a house.
  6. Buy my own house.
  7. Go on a cruise with mom, dad and my younger siblings
  8. Help a stranger.
  9. Horseback riding
  10. Do extreme ride (The Plunge and Dropzone and Zip lines and Rappelling)
  11. Become a  model for a day (Thanks to my friend :P even if it's just for fun!)
  12. Watch an opera.
  13. Go hiking and reach the top of Mt. Apo.
  14. Eat a large burger (with triple patties) in 10 minutes!
  15. Own a BJD doll (the porcelain and life-like ones).
  16. See two rainbows in a day.
  17. Watch a movie...solo (Yeah, and I watched EPIC all by myself :) )
  18. Buy a drink or coffee for a stranger next to me (coffee shop, cafe or any chill out place).
  19. Dress as a handsome male for a whole day and enjoy strolling around the city (mall, cafeteria, etc.)
  20. Learn to swim.
  21. Attend and learn a belly dance.
  22. Go skydiving
  23. Go scuba diving.
  24. Go to Paris, France.
  25. Go to Rome, Italy and visit Vatican.
  26. Visit the 7 wonders of the world.
  27. Meet a random Hollywood star and have a photo together with him or her.
  28. Act as a "taong grasa" or filthy beggar and ask for some alms or money.
  29. Travel alone (to relax and chill somewhere) particularly outside Davao (overnight or trip for 3-5 days).
  30. Cliff diving with a friend or someone (60 ft. above).
  31. Eat a whole roasted chicken.
  32. Go to Bali, Thailand and ride the Bali Sling Shot.
  33. Go bungee jumping (Singapore or at New Zealand).
  34. Dance with a beautiful stranger >:)
  35. Have a fan photo and autograph with Enrique Iglesias!

(To be updated when I think of something new and weird...again. ^___^ )


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