Post-Movie Foodporn @ Bleu Chili

FOOD PORN: Food porn often takes the form of food photography and styling that presents food provocatively, in a similar way to glamour photography. (Wikipedia)

This post is way...overdue. I am so sorry if I haven't blogged for how many days? Geez, can't even remember. WELL, here's my new food trip together with my friends.

After having a hearty laugh post-watching a Filipino film with best buddies Jhong, Romel and Anne, we decided to enjoy good meal at Bleu Chili Wing Bar. A sumptuous dinner date is one good way to connect with friends over platters of tastebud-friendly delights.

Our "foodgasm" faces
Bleu Chili Wing Bar is located at AvanceƱa Street, fronting Badminton World. The interior of this diner was simple and the choices of colors like Beige, White, Red, Blue and the likes are very soothing to the eyes...everything looks artistic. It reminds me of my kindergarten room actually and overall it exudes relaxing environment to hang around and dine with friends and family.

We decided to order 3 different kinds of pasta meal, a nacho something with bean and beef dip or kinda like chili con carne (geez, I'm bad with names of food) and Chicken wings in Bleu Chili sauce and Honey soy glaze. Of course, we need some liquids too to y'know! I think we ordered Strawberry iced tea and Black currant Iced tea.

Prices are subject to change


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