Minuto at Kulay: Adding Colors to your Life

Cheap, Chic and Fab Unisex Accessories for Blooming Fashionistas

Minuto at Kulay Davao
To my fellow dudes and dudettes, if you love shopping then you also love SAVING most especially when it comes to fashion accessories that we can accentuate our "outfit of the day" or popularly known as OOTD. Consumers like me and you have taken the internet to browse for online shops to shop items that are much affordable other than those we see in malls.

Minuto at Kulay is one of the top online shop here in Davao that DavaoeƱos can surely grab a deal. It sells vintage watches, tumbler and fashion accessories good for the girls and boys. Ready for the latest accoutrements to compliment your ottd, then Minuto at Kulay got it all for you.

vintage watch for sale

The online shop has pieces ready for the ogling eyes of fashionistas out there. And today's fashion trend, going vintage makes the person classy and chic. Look Vogue-ish by adding this un-outdated timepiece, the vintage watch. These pieces are more than just "family heirlooms" and over the past years in the Fashion industry, these timepieces are even well suited to compliment even the modern look.

classic vintage watches for sale

Exotic skins of these watches clearly exudes taste of elegance and luxury aside from it's intricate simplicity. And besides, who doesn't like a multifunctional accessory like the vintage watch? So fellas, visit Minuto at Kulay's Facebook Page and get these babies to complete your every day fierce, fun and colorful fashionality!


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