Coffee for Peace: Chill, Coffee, Tea and Advocacy

My head was spinning round and round and I need a breather. I need a break from the information overload I had with my training at work. So, to treat myself, I decided to call my dear college bff Micole co'z I missed her so much and I want to catch up.

We had a stroll at MTS while talking about everything what has happened for the past months with our lives. We talked about books too.

Since the night is still young, we decided to continue our talk at coffee shop named Coffee for Peace. It's just near Ateneo Highschool Matina beside Dimsum.

Coffee for Peace isn't just any ordinary coffee shop. The ambiance of the coffee shop indeed was peaceful and I loved its interior design. From floor to ceiling, it's decorated with Filipino crafts and most of all, it displayed fresh coffee beans in a bag.

The coffee shop existed for a cause. Yes, that's what makes this business different. It doesn't thrive to gain more profits. Thus, my curiosity was answered and thanks to Mr. Barista (I forgot to ask the name hehehe) for explaining why it's named "COFFEE FOR PEACE".

The major advocacy of Coffee for Peace is that they are a community of individuals, businessmen and coffee farmers who are conscientiously passionate in addressing social issues that definitely concerns our farmers, the environment and advocating fair trade in the coffee industry.

Mr. Barista said that with the Fair Trade principles of Coffee for Peace, it created opportunities for the economically disadvantaged coffee producers, teach them trade management and payment for a fair price. [ Please check out their website: ]

Like any other coffee shops, they served their very own specialty coffee drinks, both served in hot and cold. What I loved most also is that they served my favorite...tea! When it comes to the price, it's justifiably budget friendly.

The coffee shop is open from 8am up to 10pm daily. It's WiFi ready too. So, if you want to find a good place to meditate on your own or chill with friends, this place is perfect.


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