Behind the Lens: Kadayawan Snapshot Stories

Featuring stories foretold behind the lens by my friend Dreb Cozo Bits.
Pictures paints more than thousand words. I truly agree with this; even if it's in painting, doodles or a simple captured shot of a thing. I believe that there are stories that lies in every pictures we see. An artist can evoke various emotions from their audiences through pictures.

Photography is one of the arts I love to looked into. I'm not a photographer but I admire people, experts or noob in this field who can tell stories in their captured photos. There are only few I know of who can do this. And I seldom admire photos that has underlying stories to tell.

Last Kadayawan, my friend Dreb invited me to join him roam the streets of Davao and witness the vivacious and colorful "Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan" in lieu of celebrating Kadayawan here in Davao. Sadly, I haven't got the time to join him co'z I woke up late. Later, after lunch, I met with him at the mall for an afternoon fun photoshoot with Raven. I asked him how was it enjoying Kadayawan Festival. It was his first time be out from the house early like 6 am and join the camaraderie of people with ogling eyes and enjoying the festivity. He said that t'was exciting and heart-warming. He let me look at the pictures in his cam and I love the shots he took. I was constantly asking him the stories behind the shots because it definitely evokes emotions.

I asked him also if I could feature his work and pick his top 5 favorite shots. I told him to include stories behind these photos. Without further adieu, here are my friend, Dreb's top 5 Kadayawan photos:

1. "Vibrant Smile
"Typical pinay wears a genuine smile and conservative in a humble way .How much more when she wears a costume with vibrant colors - definitely made her irresistibly attractive and captivating. "

2. "Tribal Dance"
"Dancing gracefully and with passion. Their movements tells the story of their tribe."

3. "Tears of Joy"
"Behind the colorful costumes and energetic performances are hardworking people that gets tired and sometimes breaks down. Dancing and wearing such dress up under the sun in the middle of the road is indeed fulfilling yet very exhausting!"

4. "Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan"
"Reflects the overall picture of Indak-Indak sa Kadalan. Different tribes gave their meaningful performances with happy feet on the road."

5. "To the Beat of the Drums"
"This group of men what make the road so alive! That you actually wanna also start dancing. Haha. They were so beaten the heat."

All Rights Reserved to Dreb Cozo Bits (Kadayawan 2013 Photos).


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